Now at additional discounts to Berlin

Additional discounts are offered on unit prices on single fares on selected departures on Abildskou's buses Berlin.

The trip to Berlin is by way of Hamburg ZOB where the passengers change to the buses of Autokraft or HARU to Berlin.

The single fare from Aarhus to Berlin is DKK 375 / EUR 50

Departure to Berlin
12:15 from Aarhus

Arrival in Hamburg
17:20 at Hamburg ZOB (City)

Departure from Hamburg ZOB to Berlin*
19:00 Monday and Wednesday (arrival 22:10)
18.00 Friday and Sunday (arrival 21:10)

Back from Berlin to Hamburg ZOB*
13:00:00 Monday and Wednesday (arrival 16:10:00)
14.00 Friday and Sunday (arrival 17:10:00)

Back from Hamburg ZOB to Aarhus
17:40 from Hamburg ZOB (City) (arrival 22:45)

* The trip from Hamburg ZOB to Berlin IOB ZOB and vice-versa is made on the buses of Autokraft or HARU.

Please note regarding the trip to Berlin

  • The ticket can ONLY be bought at Aarhus Rutebilstation or BerlinLinienBus (ZOB Berlin); NOT on the bus.
  • The seats will be booked by the ticket issuer.
  • The ticket issuer must add the date of the trip out and back.
  • The ticket issuer must ensure ticket slips for all parts of the trip (Abildskoubus and BerlinLinienBus.)
  • Return tickets can be bought as two single fares.
  • If the customer prefers to go home on a direct bus, a supplementary ticket can be bought on the bus.
  • The ticket can be bought only as long as there are free seats on the buses.