Seat booking by telephone

Opening hours.
Monday - Friday: 08:00 to 16:00.
Saturday: 08:00 to 13:00.
Sunday: 09:00 to 16:00.

Phone: +45 70 210 888.

Discount tickets (Green, blue, yellow, red and purple (event) tickets) can only be bought online.

Combi Tickets on traveling with Arriva and Line 888 can only be purchased online.

Combi Tickets on traveling with Swebus and Line 888 can only be purchased online.

If booked by phone the customer pays the normal price by purchasing a ticket on the bus. Please check ticket prices.

For departures across Fyn, it may happen that it is only possible to reserve seats and buy tickets online.

There can not be booked further ahead than 30 days by telephone on departures driving over Fyn.

You can only book seats and buy tickets online at departures, where we apply Mols-Linien.

By telephone reservation can be booked a maximum of 5 people. For larger groups please refer to the website or our app.

Please arrive at the bus 15 minutes before departure.

If you are to carry a bicycle, tram, pushchairs or the like, you must make a reservation by phone or online - and remember to appear 20 minutes before departure at the latest. (We can include a maximum of 2 bicycles).

If you wish to cancel a booking please call us at +45 70 210 888 og unsubscribe at our website or on our app.