We keep lost property.

The driver shall ensure that the lost property of the bus ends at Abildskou office in Aarhus. Here they will be stored for a short time.

Return to the police lost property office.

Personal papers, wallets, keys, cash money, watches, jewelry, bags, phones, bank cards, driving licenses and other valuables must be accompanied by particularly valuable garments handed over to the police as soon as possible unless the owner is known and delivery can quickly be made.

Other lost property effects.

For example, clothing, footwear, sportswear, towels, mittens, gloves and the like that are worthless or of so little value that they can not bear the cost of any auction, destroyed or given to non-profit or charitable purposes, in the course of four weeks from receipt of the forgotten items.

Did you forget something?

If you forget something in one of our buses, you can advertise for it using this form.