Read the full  determination of tariff and transport regulations online here.

1. Ticketing, Control, etc.

Only those with a valid ticket or card may be carried on the bus. Ticketing takes place on the bus.

The customer should immediately after the puchase of a ticket, check that the ticket is correct in terms of type and price and when purchasing a ticket on the bus, that any change in cash is correct. When buying a ticket on the bus it is not possible to make any change to it subsequently. Tickets and cards have to be stored during the journey and presented to the driver or controller upon request.

If during control you do not have a valid ticket you will be charged an inspection fee of double the price af a non-discounted one-way ticket on the route.

Tickets and cards may not be crossed out, be applied additions or in any other way changed.

Tickets and card that are mistreated may be withdrawn. 10-trip cards are not personal and multiple people can use the same card ticketing on a journey.

2. Cancellations and Refunds.

Tickets bought online on our homepage or through our app:

Non-discounted one-way tickets and blue, red and purple (event) tickets can be refunded. Green discounted tickets cannot be refunded. 

If timely canceled, tickets will be refunded in accordance with the rules described below.

Green tickets can be canceled, but they will not be refunded.

Blue and red tickets must be canceled on our homepage no later than 2 hours before scheduled departure time, if a refund is desired.

Purple (event) tickets must be canceled on our homepage no later than 24 hours before scheduled departure time, if a refund is desired.

Non-discounted one-way tickets must be canceled on our homepage no later than 2 hours before scheduled departure time, if a refund is desired.

When a ticket is timely canceled, the amount paid excluding any card fee will be transferred to the account belonging to the debit card, that was used for the payment. The amount is normally reversed within 1-3 banking days.

Any unused tickets will not be refunded. This will also apply to any purchased tickets, that are not canceled after the rules described above.

Tickets purchased on the bus:

Partly used 10-trip cards can, within a year after issue date, be refunded:

10-trips cards at difference between the card price and the price of a non discounted ticket on the route x the used journeys on the card + a handling fee of kr. 100.

There will be no replacement of lost tickets and cards.

3. Child Tickets.

Child under 16 years of age can travel with a child ticket. A paying adult may bring up to 2 children under 12 years of age for free**. A paying child may bring one other child under 12 years for free**. Documentation of age must be presented upon request.

There can not be included children free of charge on purple (event) tickets.

Groups of more than 9 people can no longer include children without payment.

**Boarding at the same stop as the paying adult/child.

4. Student and Youth Tickets.

Upon presentation of a valid student ID or youth card1) a ticket can be purchased at 50% discount of the price based on non-discounted one-way tickets Mondays to Thursdays (excluding major travel days: Wednesday before Easter, Maundy Thursday, Easter Monday, the day before Danish public holiday, falling on the fourth Friday after Easter, the day before and on Ascension Day, Whit Monday and from December 22 to January 1). Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and major travel days student- and youth tickets can be purchased with up to 25% discount based on the non discounted one-way ticket.

1) Please see below.

1) Student ID with photo and expiration date. Both Danish and foreign student ID is accepted.

2) Student ID with photo and date of admittance (up to 1 year from date of admittance).

3) Student ID with photo and certificate of admittance (up to 1 year from date of admittance).

4) ISIC student ID with photo and expiration date.

5) Valid youth card. (issued by Trafikselskabet NT, Midttrafik, FynBus, Sydtrafik and Movia).

6) Valid digital student card from Studiz (

7) Wildcard (Wildcard may also be presented digital). ID in the form of Health Card, Driving license or Passport must be presented.

5. Senior Tickets.

Anyone who has turned 65 years of age and incapacity pensioners2) can purchase senior tickets at 50% off the price of a non-discounted one-way ticket Mondays to Thursdays (excluding major travel days: Wednesday before Easter, Maundy Thursday, Easter Monday, the day before Danish public holiday, falling on the fourth Friday after Easter, the day before and on Ascension Day, Whit Monday and from December 22 to January 1) Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and major travel days senior tickets can be purchased at 25% discount based on the price of a non-discounted one-way ticket.

2) Please see below.

1) Seniors may be required to present a Health Insurance Card, driver´s license or passport.

2) Incapacity pensioners may be required to present their pension statement from the local commune or present an ID-card issued by a transport company.

When presenting a pension statement it may be required to also present a Health Card, driver´s license or passport. The pension certificate may not be over 1 year old.

The ID card is available for free at stations and similar places, where ticket to long distance travel are sold. The pension certificate may not be over 1 year old and you have to bring a passport photo.

6. Conscripts.

Upon presentation af documentation Danish conscripts travel free of charge.

7. Blind and visually impaired.

Blind and visually impaired may upon presentation of tickets issued by the Danish Association of the Blind, buy one-way tickets at non discounted child ticket rate. Guide dogs are carried free of charge. 

8. Accompanying Card.

The accompanying card is issued by the Danish Disability Organizations. Upon presentation of an accompanying card the holder may buy a ticket for:

1) Themselves at non-discounted child ticket fare on the route.

2) The companion at non-discounted child ticket fare on the route.

3) Themselves and the companion at non-discounted child ticket rates on the route.

9.  Wheelchair Users.

To ensure proper servicing, wheelchair users, who rely on electric wheelchairs must book at least 36 hours prior to departure on +45 70 210 888. Wheelchairs that are foldable are carried as regular luggage. Both types of wheelchairs will be carried free of charge.

10. Transportation of Pets.

Pets that the driver estimates will cause no inconvenience for the other passengers, can be carried on the bus for a fee of currently 100 kroner per pet. Guide dog are however carried free of charge. All pets are transported on the floor of the bus, if they do not fit on your lab if
necessary in a bag, cage, basket, etc..

11. Payment.

Payment of ticket must be done before departure. In the bus both cash and Dankort are accepted (other debit cards and checks are not accepted as a payment). 

When the customer buys cash tickets in the bus, we receive amount up to the nearest 100 kroner of the ticket price. We can not usually give money back at 500 and 1000 kroner banknotes.

When paying on the website or on our app, the reservations must be done at least ½ an hour before planned departure time. The reservation is valid until 15 minutes before departure time. 

Tickets are only valid on the chosen departure (date and time of departure).

Purchased tickets can on the bus be presented on paper, notebook, tablet or smart phone with a screen of at least 4 inches. The ticket must be ready for display at ticketing.

Green, blue, red and purple (event) tickets can only be purchased online on our website or on our app.

It is the costumers own responsibility to be able to present the ticket ID when ticketing. Possible ticket IDs are passport, Health Insurance Card, driver´s licence or the credit card, that was used at the purchase of the ticket. Lack of presentation of the aforementioned will cause, that the ticket cannot be used. The purchased ticket cannot be refunded.

It is the costumers own responsibility to bring the required documentation when purchasing child tickets, student- and youth tickets, senior tickets and purchases based on the accompanying card issued by Danish Disability Organizations. To travel free of charge conscript have to show the required documentation. Lack of documentation will lead to the ticket being invalid. The purchased ticket connot be refunded. The paid amount for the ticket may however be deducted from the immediate purchase of a non discounted one-way ticket (purchase of bus price) on the route.  

Self-printed tickets can only be purchased through the website or on our app. Reservations and thereby purchased tickets are valid up to 15 minutes before scheduled departure time.

There is no fee on the purchase of tickets other than card fees when paying with credit cards. However, Dankort/Visa Dankort are exempt from card fees.

If in doubt about purchased tickets contract Abildskou on +45 70 210 888.

Any form of abuse, fraud ect. will immediately be reported to the police.  

When reserving and purchasing tickets through the website and our app simultaneously, the buyers renounces their 14 days right of cancellation.

12. Luggage.

Hand luggage can be taken into the bus, whenever the driver estimates there is room for it. Otherwise the hand luggage will be put in the bus luggage compartment.

There shall be no compensation for any damage to goods, including for damaged goods in suitcases, backpacks, travel bags, etc. that were not properly wrapped or adequately protected.

Lost luggage will not be replaced. It is recommended that insurance be taken out to cover damaged or lost luggage, as well as writing your name on the luggage. Passengers are responsible for getting their luggage on the bus and should ensure that this takes place. 

Each passenger can bring up to 20 kilo of luggage (up to 12 kilos per piece of luggage) and must quantitatively be within what is deemed normal/reasonable. If the driver assess the luggage to be too large, he can refuse to bring it on the bus or require separate payment. 

13. Bikes, Prams and Strollers.

Bikes, prams and strollers are included as luggage, if the driver estimates, that there is room enough for it. A ticket must be booked for it beforehand. 

If tickets are bought for bikes, prams or strollers, the costumer must show up 20 minutes before scheduled time of departure. 

We do not carry bikes that cannot be hung on the rack on the back of the bus. We cannot carry cargo bikes, electric bicycle or any other special bikes.

Bikes and prams cannot be taken of the bus on the ferry ports. Strollers must be disassembled due to the height of the busses luggage compartments.

14. Smoking.

Smoking is not allowed in the bus.

15. Food and Drinks.

It is not allowed to eat or drink on the bus.

16. Intoxicated People.

Clearly intoxicated people are not carried on the bus

17. Lost Items.

Lost and found items are stored for a short period of time at:

Abildskou A/S
Graham Bells Vej 40
8200 Aarhus N.

Please see for further information.

18. Seat Belt.

Seat belts must be used throughout the journey.

19. General Travel Regulations.

People who damage the bus, are at inconvenience of the driver or other passengers, or in any other way interfere with what the driver deems a reasonable journey, can be taken of the bus. 

The drivers instructions must be followed. 

The drivers interpretation of the tariff and transportation regulations are directly applicable. 

It may occur that some of the travelers have to board the ferry themselves and bring the luggage. Abildskou does not offer compensation. 

Abildskou reserves the right to drive over Fyn and The Great Belt Bridge, if any ferry cancellations occur. 

It may be necessary to change busses on some departures. The driver will inform accordingly.

In periods of frost it may be necessary due to potential frost damage to close the toilets on the buses. The driver will, to the extent possible, pull over at public toilets on customers request.

It is the customer's responsibility, through Abildskous website, to stay informed on substantial delays, disruptions and cancellations of departures. To the extent that it is feasible with time and resource, Abildskou will attempt to notify affected customers by text message, email or telephone contact. 

Abildskou assumes no responsibility for delays or interruptions in the operation, connecting to other routes or lack of space in the buses. Abildskou reserves the right to change schedules and regulations. Abildskou does not offer compensation.

There is free Wi-Fi in Abildskou own buses. Abildskou does not provide compensation in the event of technical problems or varying quality of internet connection while traveling. Abildskou may for reasons of capacity, etc.. need to do business with subcontractors. There will usually be no Wi-Fi in these buses, which we do not compensate.

20. Boarding and Disembarking.

Abildskou does not carry passengers internally in Zealand, but we do carry passengers between chosen cities in Jutland on the basis of Trafikselskabet NT and Midttrafiks prices.

We do not stop at bus stops if none of the passengers on the bus wish to get off and it may occur, that we do not stop to pick up passengers, if no costumers have reserved a seat.

At present time there cannot be reserved seats on the routes internally in Jutland and therefore the bus will stop in these cities. 

21. Appeals.

Board of Appeal for Bus, Train and Metro handles complaints from customers about problems experienced by bus, train or subway, if the customer has already contacted the transport company without obtaining a satisfactory arrangement from the customer's perspective. Please refer to the Appeals Boards website:

See optionally Your Europe for bus passenger rights. 

Valid from October 14, 2015 until new issue. Please contact Abildskou if in doubt.