Booking and tickets

Booking is necessary and free. Can be booked online here.

Booking is valid until 15 minutes before the planned departure. Consequently, passengers must appear 20 minutes before departure at the latest if they are to carry bicycles, prams or strollers on the bus.

Tickets are bought online on our website, on our app. or on the bus and must be kept for the entire journey.

For departures across Fyn, it may happen that it is only possible to reserve seats and buy tickets online.

There can not be booked further ahead than 30 days by telephone on departures driving over Fyn.

You can only book seats and buy tickets online at departures, where we apply Mols-Linien.

Discount tickets (Green, blue, yellow, red and purple (eventtickets) can only be purchased online on our website or on our app.

Combi Tickets on traveling with Arriva and Line 888 can only be purchased online.

Combi Tickets on traveling with Swebus and Line 888 can only be purchased online.

There can be reserved online 60 days forward if timetables for this entire period has been completed and entered, but we can not guarantee it. 

Contact and booking by phone

Call Abildskou on tel. +45 70 210 888. See office hours here.

Contact and information outside normal hours. Midttrafiks Kundecenter på tlf. +45 70 210 230.

Supplementary buses and trains

Information about Midttrafik's regional routes.Call Midttrafiks Kundecenter på tlf. +45 70 210 230.

Information about Region Nord's regional routes. Call NT on +45 98 111 111.

See and for additional bus services in Jutland
and for information about other routes.

DSB passenger information on +45 70 13 14 15, or DR teletext page 501.

Car rental

From Roskilde:

From Århus:


Each passenger is allowed 20 kg luggage at the most and to safeguard the working environment, the weight of one piece of luggage may not exceed 12 kg. The volume of each passenger's luggage must be considered normal/reasonable. If the driver considers the luggage to be too bulky/heavy, he may refuse to accommodate it or require special payment to accommodate it.

On our website and app. it is possible to purchase additional space for extra suitcase and bag. There can also be purchased space for special luggage: Golf bags, skis, surfboards that have a maximum length of 220 cor musical instruments. Special baggage must not weigh more than 40 kg.

Other matters

The bus does not stop at the stops where no passengers are getting out.

NB! In the event of ferry cancellations or limited ferry capacity, the bus will use the Great Belt Link.

Please note: Selected seats on the bus are equipped with 220V sockets.

See our fare and transport regulations.